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over 6 years ago

Thank You For Your Civic Hacking!

You were all so inspirational! Thank you for your whole-hearted participation the entire weekend. You're truly can-do hackers, and it was phenomenal to watch you come together with such positive energy of collaboration, doing, problem-solving, camaraderie, and fun to produce   innovative solutions!

An enormous thank you to all who participated, volunteered, organized, sponsored, judged, and helped show what's possible. View all the winning projects in the Gallery.

Next Steps:

  1. Fill out the form for your team project before Feb 10th. We want to see you take your app to the real world, so we will help you with ongoing mentoring and other forms of support!
  2. Join the Code for All Lahore Brigade by following the links at
  3. If you're interested (and we hope you are!), apply for a leadership position for the Lahore Brigade at
  4. Dr. Sohaib Khan at the Technology for People Initiative at LUMS has offered for anyone in the Lahore Brigade who wants to continue civic hacking to be mentored by TPI. If you saw some of the work they do, you'll know this is a fantastic opportunity. Let us know if you're interested in working with TPI.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made the civic hackathon a great success!

The Lahore Civic Hackathon team