WINNER: Third Place

whichBus acts as a Travel Buddy for those of us who use public transport on daily basis. The basic aim is to provide guidance regarding related route to destination. The application provides suggestion about the route from provided source to destination with most efficient combination of buses if required. It will be inter and intra city solution for the end user. The promising features which out stands it from others include the following: Admin Console : where users can add routes and bus stop data for the routing algorithm to work on. Feed Back: A feature that will be used by end users to review and provide feedback about the route used. This project provides public API access to its server for Route, Bus stop and routing Algorithm data. The project will enable non-smart phone users to find out a suitable route for traveling using SMS (Text Service).

REPO LINK: https://github.com/codeforpakistan/whichBus

DEMO: which-bus.herokuapp.com

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