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Geo-Tagging (public toilets, water coolers ) on map as there is no map in the world telling you public toilet or water cooler near you.

Lets suppose for a while you are at public place and you need to drink water or need a public toilet. You would use many options as your own but what if your smartphone tells you where is the nearest public toilet located or where is nearest water cooler. I believe that is really amazing.

The mobile application not only focuses on telling the nearest toilet but one can register using application and Geo Tag a toilet or a cooler as many of people tag restaurants in various applications.

Key Features:

- Tells you the nearest public toilet
- Rate and review the public toilet or cooler
- Geo- Tag a public toilet
- User would be able to request a public toilet or a water cooler at a spot where it is needed but not present.
- Condition of toilet and coolers can be judged by ratings and reviews and the very data can be used by government sectors.
- Government would have a reasonable data of public toilet in city
- The data of toilets and coolers that are requested by people can be used by government and it can spend money more effectively.

Suggestions and Comments needed.


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    Nice idea, but I have question in my mind, how will you get the information of all public locations you required ?????

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    First of all your question is welcomed, there are two ways of doing that out like 4square people tag various restaurants using their account and they are called mayor of that tag. A point and achievement system can be maintained to encourage people geo tag toilets and coolers near them. Secondly government and appoint few people to get initial data to get started. both schemes can by followed.


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    is this a mobile application or like a web sight ??

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    i have also such idea i am Hamad Hassan and worked on Geo Tagging and Google maps on android app may be we can work together in a team.

  •   •   over 6 years ago

    For initial level I have built it over cloud mobile service for WindowsPhone only, same service can be used for Windows 8 client app or Web App

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    Anybody having same idea is welcomed!

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